Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I had the pleasure of receiving a comment from Paul Conley whom I referred to in my first post about employers not offering training in online journalism to their staff.

Conley wanted to emphasize that in regards to students, he's all for training in online journalism and feels that it's an important part to a journalism student's education. He stated:
You're right--I don't believe that publishers should be paying to train journalists for the Web. Understanding how journalism works online is a required skill for today's reporters and editors. And I have no tolerance left in 2008 for professionals who haven't taken the time to learn these skills. But I feel very differently about journalism students. And I've worked very hard these past few years to ensure that journalism students are trained for the Web.

While I examined his original blog post from a student's perspective, I did make sure to call out that he was referring to B2B publishing. My main point behind my post was to emphasize that it never hurts to expose journalists to the new media that is becoming more and more a part of journalism--even those stuck in their ways and even those (like me) who aren't the most tech- and internet-savvy.

Thanks to Paul for his comments.

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