Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Picking Up Where I Left Off: SocialVibe Uses Google Earth

Shortly after my previous post about how online mapping can be a resourceful metric tool for nonprofits, I ran across this blog post from SocialVibe.

You might remember (I'm assuming for my own entertainment that I have an audience out there, however small that may be) I blogged about SocialVibe and its innovative approach to fundraising which links social networking, consumer brands and nonprofits together, waaay back in August.

charity: water, one of the nonprofits featured on the site was able to raise enough money through the thousands of SocialVibe members to build a well in Africa. The news isn't being shared just through the site's blog, but also through Google Earth.

The people over at SocialVibe have the right attitude as they note:
We're thrilled that we can not only make such a big difference in the lives of people half a world away, but that we can share it with you as well. Without you, this absolutely would not have been possible. THANK YOU for your support!
So, I just thought this was a relevant piece of news to pass along.

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Sarah Townsend said...

Thanks for the support, Stacey! It means a lot to us to be able to share our successes with the world, and we're glad you're helping us do that with this post.

P.S. Your audience, however small or large, now includes SocialVibe staff. :)